Introduction to the Over Hulton Neighbourhood Plan

The Over Hulton Neighbourhood Plan is a strategically important legal document which will set out the vision and objectives of the community for the next 15 years which covers area such as Housing, Development, Infrastructure, Environment, Over Hulton Heritage.

The Steering Group needs to know what you think of Over Hulton as it is today and what you would l like to see changed. What do you like about living in the area and also what you don’t like in the area.

This is a REAL opportunity to influence the place we all live and work. THIS PLAN WILL ONLY SUCCEED WITH EVERYBODY’S INVOLVEMENT.

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If you have any questions not covered by our website, please contact us as we would love to hear from you.

Our Aims

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The Over Hulton Neighbourhood Plan aims to enhance the natural features of the area, while promoting and restoring the village lifestyle for residents. An area that prioritises community over commerce, fostering connections between residents with a thriving local economy that benefits local people.

This plan sets out to achieve this through the following objectives:

Encouraging a thriving and prosperous community, which provides opportunities for all and enhances quality of life.

Protect and enhance the natural features and celebrate the history of Over Hulton, and restoring public access to much loved green spaces.

Endorsing policies that have a positive effect on the environment, including those that remove or minimise flood risk, mitigate climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.

Reviewing opportunities for sustainable development that meet with the areas housing needs of our unique population.

Minimise the impact of development on local traffic infrastructure through sustainable development and travel solutions.

Each of the above objectives will be achieved through our planning policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood Plans can set out a vision for an area and should contain planning policies for the use and development of land.

A Neighbourhood Plan should be developed to help guide development, rather than to prevent it.

Policies should cover local issues rather than strategic issues. For example, a Plan could cover where new homes, shops or offices should go and what green spaces should be protected.

Who can lead on Neighbourhood Planning?

Neighbourhood Planning is led by the local community. A Neighbourhood Development Plan and a Neighbourhood Development Order can only be prepared by Parish or Town Council in Parished areas.

In our case, where there is no Parish or Town Council, a Neighbourhood Forum can lead on coordinating the neighbourhood planning for your area.

This is an organisation or group however needs to meet certain criteria. The Neighbourhood Forum and area boundary will need to be approved by the Council.

Who will help pay for the Plan?

We have secured funding to help support Over Hulton Neighbourhood Plans from both central government and various other sources.

The Council will assist us with certain aspects of the Plan’s production and independent examination.

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19/3/2019 Consultation drop in event - Held at Over Hulton Conservative Club we introduced Troy Planning & Design to the community who are our instructed Planning & Design Consultants for the Neighbourhood Plan and who are experts in consultation and engagement. Since December 2018, they have been providing us with the technical support and know how around the planning laws and evidence needed in order to justify our policies in the Over Hulton Plan, that will ultimately reflect the visions and objectives of the local community for the next 15 years. We ran interactive sessions with five different areas of the Plan for residents to review and there was also an interactive iPad survey which residents completed.

20/9/2018 Consultation drop in event - Held at Over Hulton Conservative Club - residents were invited to help shape the future of Over Hulton in preparation for the development for a Neighbourhood Plan for Over Hulton we ran interactive session with post it notes with feedback in areas as Business & Employment, Infrastructure, Areas of Concern, Ecology & Agriculture, Environment / Green Spaces / Local Environment, Community Vision, Heritage Identity, Housing

View / Download Important Documents

BMBC Designation Confirmation (pdf)

Minutes of Executive Cabinet Member (pdf)

Regulation 16 Planning Consultations - Click below for Regulation 16 Planning Consultations – closing date Friday 5th January 2024

Have your say (pdf)

A drop box will be available in Morrison’s for the duration for those who wish to post a hardcopy of the survey and this is located near to the community books library at the back of the shop.

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